Sunday, August 12, 2012

First Intaglio Class!

Dear blog. Well my goodness- since we were all here last, I completed teaching my first four-week Intro to Intaglio Class at Tiger Lily Press- and honestly, it couldn't have gone any better!! We crammed in a whole lot in just a few 3-hour sessions, starting from the very basics of preparing and grounding a plate, to line etching, to stopping out 4 levels of aquatint, then cleaning up, putting on a real nice bevel, and printing on my favorite Hahnemuhle Copperplate paper. All of this using the new-fangled Saline Sulfate etch for zinc (copper sulfate pentahydrate mixed with salt and water, with a little sodium bisulfate thrown in for fun). So thanks class for doing such great work. Let's look at some pics!

Carla pulls her first linework proof


Pam cranks away

Beautiful landscape!

Nancy's plate going to work in the saline sulfate solution

Waiting for the etch to finish

Maureen's first proof- nice trees in landscape

Nancy's turn to crank

Here we go

Looks great!

Now it's intense stopout and aquatint time

Valerie and Theresa use Sharpie paint pens

Carla's plate turns all kinds of cool colors in the bath

Maureen waits as more plates go in

Pam's first aquatint proof- amazing!

Nancy checks her sand dollars- beautiful!

Carla gets some neat atmospheric effects

Valerie is so fast- she's a blur!

Now time for final prints on the nice paper

Great portrait!

Barb does some really neat organic forms

Maureen's landscape looks great

Look at all those final prints laid out!

Oh my goodness, it's cleanup time!

Thanks for being such an amazing class. Sure hope to see you all again and hope more folks sign up for Intro No. 2!