Saturday, October 9, 2010

Actual Evidence

I had a fairly good critique on Thursday with Prof Massey Jr. It's been the first official discussion of these thoughts of stories and drawings, and several new ideas came about. We discussed multiple narratives at once, such as Faulkner's As I Lay Dying, which also made me think of the recent film Get Low with Robert Duvall, based on a true story of a hermit staging a funeral in order to hear all of the locals tell their own stories of his life. Once again, multiple narratives, and multiple viewpoints coinciding.

It was also interesting to discuss the possibilities of how to make visible the accumulation of memories and history of a place that no longer exists- what gets bulldozed underneath to make way for new spaces, and what still exists of the original structure and the underground, which is why I enjoy these abandoned structures; history is still so palpable. The traces of those who passed before are still evident, and one can conjure stories just by looking and existing within that space.

I still don't quite know how to display the narratives with the drawings. As I discussed the possibilities of typed stories nailed to the wall right next to them, I might as well post some actual images and evidence to show what the heck I was talking about:

I have also tacked the typing directly overtop the drawings and have thought of reproducing the images on a smaller scale, connecting them all in a string, akin to a film strip. Perhaps everything should be pulled out of a box, or a large, fake paper camera. But where do they all end up? How does one navigate all of this in no particular order?

There is also one more drawing, and not sure how fond of it I am, but it is an old drive-in movie screen in PA:

Till next time...

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