Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finished the New Print! ...plus other printmaking adventures

Why hello there. The printmaking adventures continue. I've been doing lots of fun stuff with Tiger Lily Press: for one thing- observing and helping out a wee bit with the lovely Ms. Tory's first screen printing class at TLP. We have a great bunch of students, some even driving over an hour just to come learn about printmaking! I sure hope to see them back for more classes. Stay tuned for more details, as tonight they will actually be printing.

After exposing screens, Tory shows students how to tape their edges

Another grand adventure happened just this past Saturday, as Theresa and Sarah joined our friend with a local letterpress shop, Erin B., as she drove us to Rising Sun, Indiana in her truck. What's there you ask? Well, a lovely couple, Donna and Steve who run an eBay store that sells all sorts of letterpress equipment (and also refurbishes lovely presses looking for a new home- just send me a note if you'd like to check out their online store).

Susan N. and I struggle to slowly roll the cases down the hill

We brought back lots of goodies and amazing finds, from metal furniture, composing sticks, an enormous slug cutter, a whole cabinet of wood furniture, some awesome assorted wood type, and a full-sized, 24-drawer type cabinet so we can finally get our cases of type off the floor!

Erin and I wheel the cabinet down to TLP

Then we get to assemble everything in our printshop!

Erin slides in the cases

Doesn't that look grand? I love the assorted drawers and still can't get over the whole cabinet of furniture.

TLP is almost letterpress-ready!

My other current adventure is beginning to teach and print for another local artist, Jimi J. We finally met last week to discuss tools and techniques, and as soon as the order comes in, we'll get started! It will be the very first time he does intaglio work, as he has only done relief and mostly does painting.

And the last bit of news: I have finally, finally (after having to put all aside for contract printing deadlines) finished my new print! It's my first big etching in a good while (and is also the only one completely done with the new copper sulfate etch). Since I last blogged about it, I added a bit more linework, scraped and polished some more, decided to use a different ink on the left, light 'window' side than on the rest of the plate, and tried monoprinting, but ended up doing a little hand-coloring with watercolor and gouache (*gasp!* I know, Evan would be sore). But here it is, ladies and gents, ready to edition! I still have to decide on paper, though- this is ivory Murillo. I've also tried the pearl gray and the warm white Hahnemuhle Copperplate.

Ya'll Come Back Now, etching and aquatint, 24 x 19 1/2, 2012

All for now, folks. This weekend, I'll be attending a Vandercook Maintenance workshop up at Kent State with many of Ohio's amazing printmakers. Can't wait! So come back for details. Cheers!

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