Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hungarian Artists' Book Exhibition

Several months ago, at the encouragement of an OSU professor, I entered into a Hungarian Artists' book exhibition. It is the 5th International show, hosted by the King St Stephen Museum in Székesfehérvár. Very surprised when I got in, I also found out that they produce a lovely catalogue…and to top that, I got a mention in an introductory essay!

The cover of the catalogue

an image of my book- what a lovely job! It amuses me to no end that "To Achieve Typing Power" is one word in Hungarian

and with over 220 books in the show, I got a mention in one of two essays in the catalogue! It seems like there were several pieces about typewriters and technology

Thanks much to Sarah, the author of the essay!

Here is an image of the show- I SO wish I could have gone! My books is the last on the shelf, right-side before the door. To see images of the rest of the show, be sure to check out the museum's Facebook page.

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