Friday, November 5, 2010

Curtains up, more visitations

More discussions in the studio- this time about the book format as well. I'm applying for a book residency and would like to attempt to put together a sort of concertina-style book, white lettering on black and semi-transparent with map inserts. This way it will resemble intertitles and film stills, and one will have to view the book while open in order to let light through and see the text separated, each page not layered on top of each other.

This was interesting to place in front of the rest of the installation, some reflected in the mirror. Of course this dummy needs to get shipped off for the residency proposal, so today I sat down to string together a whole series of images, accordion-style. Some interesting possibilities were suggested, such as folding in the middle of images, so that text and landscape would continue to wrap around the bend, and other fold-outs could happen overtop. At first I thought I would have to spend a lot of time with the copy machine, but then realized that I already have a whole stack of prints from all my source imagery- plus other photographs and negatives.

More images next time....

For now, I will post the latest of the film with curtains around and mirror in front so that the projector is completely hidden in the accordion box. I also added some transitions in the video instead of each segment fading to completely black.

Here goes-

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