Monday, February 6, 2012

New Work

Okay, so there has been one thing holding me back from some new work-  fighting with health insurance. That's right. Private health insurance bee ess. I am now swimming in medical bills and cannot get insurance simply because I've had a few surgeries in the past year. Mm hmm. But I won't go on, because this blog is really about art and obsolete things...and cooking. But perhaps that can even be considered obsolete at times.

So what better to do if you're a printmaker than take out your aggression with stamps? Yes indeedy, come and get your all-purpose Pre-Existing Condition stamp:

Go ahead and pre-empt your insurance company- just stamp it yourself! What's really great is that you can apply it to anything. Like if someone blames you for a mess in the house...or dinner got burned. Or hey,what if your home needs some serious repair? Don't worry about it- it's pre-existing!

moldy wall?

Janky table?

Just stamp it!

Okay, but really- I made the stamp for some work I am currently producing for a show on political issues/society/justice. Here be the finished work:

graphite and linocut, 2012

I also did another piece on the gas lines and drilling from my family's country back home in PA:

pencil and gouache, 2012

Other than that, I completed a small copper plate in the fall:

Empty Grove, etching and mezzotint, 2011

And of course lots of little test plates with zinc and misc linocut cards. Ah yes, and I also took a letterpress business card class at local Steam Whistle Press, loads of fun!

So I'm really looking forward to the saline sulfate etch and finally getting that big zinc plate into the bath. Mmm...

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