Monday, February 6, 2012

The State of Things

Why hello there. It's been a while. A good while. And yes, I have done a lot more things with my MFA than make pretzels. But I have done quite the mysterious thing lately and tossed a stale pretzel more than 30 feet where it landed square on this tiny branch. Three days later, it's still there...and the birds have been feeding on it.

I don't think you can get a degree for that...

So I now live in Cincinnati, above a giant trainyard: a crazy dilapidated house that's sliding right down the hill. Yes, into the trainyard:

gouache painting, 2011

But luckily it's a very cool city because they still have typewriter repair:

Yay, they're open!

I get to share a nice studio where I took over and set up my own little 'printshop' in the corner. Yes, that press was already there, a lovely medium-sized Griffin etching press. That closet on the left is the acid room. Mmm...

It also has pretty cool lighting at the right time of day:

Well such is life thus far. I've been doing work, assisting for an artist and creating all sorts of crazy experiments with fermenting things. That would include sourdough, yogurt, and kombucha, yum! I've also been sewing. Lots of head-scratching at the sewing machine. But it's coming along. I've recently become involved at our local print co-op, Tiger Lily press. The most lovely and generous people there, and recently we had a demo for an exciting new etch for zinc- saline sulfate (copper sulfate and table salt). Here is a link to their test a year ago: It produces beautiful lines and I'm so excited to not have to worry about a Hindenburg explosion from ferric and zinc on that giant plate I want to do next.

But mostly it is a quiet life above the trainyard. Some new work updates very soon.

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