Monday, April 1, 2013

Story #2- Visiting Artist at Miami U (Ohio) and my new summer job

My next gig right after the Southern Graphics Conference was being Visiting Artist in printmaking at Miami University, Oxford, OH. Thanks to the generosity of prof Ellen Price and her grads and students, I was able to borrow a litho stone for several months, then come back and print it.

here I am drawing on the stone- took me over a month for that little guy!

the drawing, about finished

to my surprise, I walk into Miami U and find my very own poster- wow, that's a first!

but we get right to work- here I am, gumming a stone

with grads John and Kate

the other grad, Steve comes in to check things out. I also got to give a crit to the print class and show my own work

now getting ready to wash out the stone, with spectators!

there goes my image!

buffing in the asphaltum

now, giving it some sass- that always helps

and here I declare that hand fans are for dummies!

rolling it up, slowly

explaining how it opens up, perhaps?

group inspection

ahh, sponge-man! it's Adam- my trusty sponger

still rolling

and here is a lovely shot- litho vision with Ellen and her students

but boy oh boy was that a mean leather roller- it gave me litho stigmata!

here we go, day 2. Adam comes back for more as my sponger- and a very good one, I might add!

I get to rolling

Emily is my paper gal, and we inspect the first proofs

sponge sniffer!

aww, my poor assistants are getting tired! this stone gives us a bit of trouble

back to work with John- looking very concerned

cranking down the pressure

love this picture- look at the mirror image!

and inspecting- we are finally getting some good ones!

now John is rolling- this grad put in so much hard work, blood and sweat- I can't thank him enough for all his help!

and here she is, the final print!

and bye bye stone- it's back to the graining sink for you

Adam has an interesting print project- printing a scroll by foot

here they come

a long line of Teddies!

now I get to talk to Steve Garst's Design/Letterpress class about print co-ops in Ohio and Tiger Lily Press. then a tour of their shop

here are the students, hard at work

Steve asks them to clean those rollers!

some nice posters on the wall

So that concludes my litho visit. Sure enjoyed getting to work on a stone- finally for the first time in 3 years! Loved working with the students as well. Who knows- this might be a thing- I could travel around the country attending to neglected stones at many universities!

Okay, I promised a few posts ago to discuss my interview if it went well…and it did! I am very pleased to announce my new gig as summer editioning intern at Island Press, Wash U, St Louis. So crazily enough, after helping to host Tiger Lily's Ohio Print Gathering, I will immediately move to STL. Yikes! But I will be very lucky to work alongside director Lisa Bulawsky and master printer Tom Reed, to print the works of Ann Hamilton, Radcliffe Bailey, James Siena and Nina Katchadourian. It's a wonderful program- one of the few professional printshops within a university that really involves the students as collaborators. If you'd like to know a bit more, watch this video.

I will be editioning like mad, and amazingly so- alongside former print grad classmate at OSU, John McCaughey- tiny world, eh? I'm sure we'll get to know each other very well. Can't wait!

Take care all, and thanks as always for following along!

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