Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tiger Lily Members' Show, Urban Exploration and Visit to Island Press!

Wow! I've been bad and it's been almost 2 months, hasn't it? Well- that's because it's been so busy, which is a good thing! So there will be a flurry of posts here, right before I move…
First, we had our first Members' show for a good while for Tiger Lily Press at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati. I was able to help with only one day of hanging, but we had a great crew involved in installation, and it turned out to be a very nice show!

Lots to hang…must…get…even!

Susan gets right in with Jimi's work

Theresa and JonPaul- it's complicated stuff!

 The night before the opening, golly gee I had my road-trip buddy and loyal visitor come out to see me!

My friend Katie Rogers comes all the way to PA to go to the opening! We get dolled-up and grab a six-pack

Arriving for the reception, we ahem, have to put labels on for someone who's late : )

lovely display on printmaking by Susan Naylor

it was wonderfully attended!

Jan, Jay and Theresa Kuhr, our director

Rick Finn and his amazing prints

Our Artist-in-Residence, Jack Arthur, poses with his spread

Amy Doran and her amazing rhinos

Tory Keith- sooo cute- and awesome prints!

Jimi Jones does a jig with his lovely prints

Susan and Amy pose together for the ReArt show with Cuba- great colors!

Group shot- all my favorite people!

Starting earlier that day (we cleaned up for the opening, I promise : ) through the next 5 days, Katie and I explored all over Ohio to Missouri in search of good photo opps. A few things were hit or miss, but mostly we had amazing luck- there's nothing than walking in on an unsuspected, great find!

abandoned house in my backyard- walls of peeling paint

grain filling station- the stairs underneath

meat packing plant- first view

big ole engine in the power house

stained glass in church

dresser upstairs

After picking up a new exploration companion in St Louis and getting ourselves all mucky right away, we got a sneak preview of Island Press the night before final grading was due...

here she is!

the witchy side

the whole big bed- through the other side is all 10 feet of it

paper soaking sink- also huge!

hello, teddy bear up there?

playin with the exposure unit

Julie Cronan shows us her drawer

and her studio of taxidermied safety cones

giant vat of acid!!

they make up for it by cleaning up with oil

 Julie gets right to screenprinting

So after a late night of printing, we arise for the morning cleanup during grading. They also got to have a fun picnic afterwards- sadness that I couldn't attend.

next morning shop cleanup

 chillin with the solvents

noo, more dangerous chemicals!

And after that, another highly-anticipated moment- time to look at my new St Louis apartment!! Wow, it was completely amazing! I had to tease the folks I'll be subletting from that I won't be leaving.

my beautiful new living room, well, temporarily : )

Ah- so here we go, in just over a week moving in with John McCaughey and getting right into some major editioning. Can't wait!! But oh yeah- have to help run a print conference…and pack. More on that soon!

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